Career Information

Aptitude and Interests

  • Passion for and interest in language/literature & ability to identify and follow social change
  • Imagination & creativity Passion for writing & reading
  • Interest in genres of various arts and culture such as poetry, novels, critiques, movies, plays, advertisements, and many more.
  • A creative exploration of Korean language & literatures

Affiliated Majors

  • Korean Languages
  • Korean Literature
  • Korean Language and Literature

Related Licenses

  • Korean Language Instructor (


News report editor, newspaper reporter, magazine reporter, TV reporter, news anchor, radio scriptwriter, comic scriptwriter, TV (program) scriptwriter, Braille translator, translator, novelist, poet, scriptwriter (TV drama), composer, Korean language teacher (school teacher)

Korean language instructor, instructor at a Korean language academy, speech coach, essay writing teacher, Chinese character/classical Chinese literature instructor, Korean culture instructor, online home-study instructor, textbook (educational tool) developer, employee of advertising or PR company, copywriter, social media analyst, media content creator, webtoon manager, planner (manager) at a publishing company, editor at a publishing company, literary critic