Korean Language and Literature is an area of study that fosters the step-by-step acquisition of knowledge on the Korean language as well as a diachronic awareness of the characteristics and trends of Korean literature. It is the foundation of the humanities, which uses an understanding of human life as expressed through language and literature as the basis for developing discernment regarding the various problems we face in the course of our lives as well as the ability to solve them. In contemporary society, where diverse cultures are colliding and unprecedented problems consistently arising, the role of Korean Language and Literature majors, who are well-equipped with creative problem-solving skills, is becoming more important than ever.

Through a systematic and effective curriculum and outstanding faculty, each of whom is an expert in one of a wide pool of research areas, Ajou University’s Department of Korean Language and Literature is a cradle of knowledge in the humanities that cultivates graduates who are capable of responding to the demands of contemporary society. We encourage academic discussion and interpersonal interaction (including through various activities outside the classroom) between professors and students, and hope that the latter grow into individuals who have a solid grounding in the humanities and become active in diverse sectors of society.