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NEW 2021 Ajou University President’s Commendation Ceremony

  • 2022-04-08
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The Ajou University President’s Commendation ceremony was held to celebrate the contributions of employees and departments to strengthening the school’s competitiveness and is designed to boost morale and ensure a greater drive for policy at the university.

Awards are given in three categories: Ajou Vision 4.0, Excellent Website, and Special Contribution. Those eligible for the commendation are persons who contribute to the implementation and materialization of task details under Ajou Vision 4.0; departments with systematically-run websites; and persons who contribute to development of the university, such as by improving systems in their relevant field of work. School officials, including President Choi Kee-choo and Office of General Affairs Director Kwon Soon-jung, attended the event to offer their congratulations. The recipients and relevant departments received Certificates of Commendation and awards.

<Ajou Vision 4.0>

▲Lim Goon-jin (Head of Changeup Support Team ▲Kang Gyeong-woo (Academic Affairs Team)

<Special Contribution>

▲Lee Ha-ryeong (Center for Teaching and Learning) ▲Park Ji-won (Strategy Planning Team)

<Excellent Website>

▲Dasan University College Academic Affairs Team ▲ Academic Affairs Team of the Graduate School of International Studies